Selerno (IT)

International Competion

First Prize

Type: Exhibition

Area: 500 mq

Promoter: Effetti collaterali

What does ‘shading’ mean within a historic centre of a Mediterranean town?

The presence of the historic urban fabric is an unavoidable fact you have to deal with. Buildings, churches and monuments already produce their own shadow on the ground of Salerno Old Town. Therefore, instead of replacing this silhouette generated through the time, the purpose of the intervention is to transform the visitor’s perception of the place.


The texture of colored ribbons used to cover the squares redefines the empty volume through a new, ephemeral surface. Under the sun, the ribbons draw on the paving a system of lines converging towards round ‘light-rooms’.

Getting closer to the centre, the shadow becomes denser and the ribbons touch the ground, defining a threshold. By crossing the limit, people enter the ‘light-room’. The square disappears, as the system frames the sky, and a slice of shadow varies depending on the time of the day.

Project Team: Federica Andreoni, Mattia Biagi, Annachiara Bonora, Valeria Lollobattista, Marco Mondello, Valerio Socciarelli