Warsaw (PL)

International Competion


Type: Exhibition

Area: 5.000 mq

Status: --

Promoter: Europan Europe

The project has the larger scale ambition of reconnecting the district of Powisle to the Vistula river through Cubryna Gardens, intending them as a part of the already developed system of open public spaces in the region.


The interaction between new and pre-existing elements is proposed as design methodology. The goal is to give new sense to the place by reinforcing the existing wooded threshold of the park. Firstly, a new grid of birches is juxtaposed to the pre-existing vegetation in order to thicken Cubryna’s tree belt and thus to join the wooded system that identifies the parks nearby. Furthermore, under the tree crowns, the project provides a series of modular actives strips, in parallel to the main axes of the district, encouraging the crossing of the park towards the river.


The proposal is not only seen as a new asset to the park, but also as a growing organism able to embrace different possible needs, while always preserving a clear architectural identity. It is conceived as an architectural rule capable of guiding present and future transformations of the park’s layout.


At the same time, the project grants extreme flexibility to the system, as several different activities can fit the modular strips. Besides open air activities, the strips are thought to accommodate a flexible number of glass pavilions, whose transparency will offer continuity with the surrounding landscape.

Project Team: Mattia Biagi, Annachiara Bonora, Lorenzo Catena, Valeria Lollobattista, Valerio Socciarelli