Moscow (RUS)

International Competion

Type: Urban landscape

Area: 61.700 mq

Status: --

Promoter: KB Strelka Competition

The concept for Tverskaya Streetscape starts from the recognition of a potential belonging to a superior system, which is discernible on a territorial scale and connects the different layers of the city: the environmental structure, the mobility network and the public urban spaces, forming together a unique figure. The main goal of the proposal is to recalibrate the role of Tverskaya Streetscape in order to make it a significant portion of this greater territorial system. For this reason, the project is no longer interpreting Tverskaya Streetscape as an isolated line but rather as a thick sequence of spaces. Therefore, the streetscape is finally able to demonstrate the metropolitan value the street deserves.


XL Tverskaya designs greenery, transport network and pedestrian spaces involving the parallel and cross streets, in a wise cooperation with the preexisting elements of the territorial system. The proposal for the transport network system recognizes and accepts Tverskaya Street’s preexisting role of macro-scale connection. Nevertheless, it is necessary to relieve its traffic flow and, overall, to make it consistent with the street’s new character of space of urbanity. Tree rows are inserted to connect the segments of the preexisting greenery into a single figure and to articulate the hierarchy of the layout. The pedestrian sphere acquires generosity and unprecedented centrality, while a new infrastructure strip and another one of filter contribute to handle the variable traffic flows.


XL Tverskaya has the ambition to interpret, complete, consolidate and enhance much more than just a two-kilometer segment, as the street finally gains the role and the identity it deserves within the whole city of Moscow.

Project Team: Federica Andreoni, Mattia Biagi, Annachiara Bonora, Marco Mondello, Valerio Socciarelli