Torino (IT)

International Competion

Type: School Building

Area: 6.000 mq

Status: --

Promoter: Comune di Torino


The refurbishment of E. Fermi school aims to the confluence of people and flows towards a strategic access point location, to gather individuals and foster exchanges.

The new access point is sloping downward from the street access, to cast an iconic ramp directly accessible from the main atrium, now located at the lowest level. The square backyard is designed to be the other side of this space system around a new centre.


All the interior spaces are connected and characterized by fluid continuity, getting more and more intimate as going to the classroom-clusters. No difference in height characterizes the higher floors, to allow the contamination of different activities. The relationship with the outdoor areas is intense and constant and the greeneries selection creates different scenarios as the time goes by.


The necessity of this intervention come out of the actual (bad) energy performance. The proposed fa├žade is a new device to allow good light to enter and disallow an excessive glass exposure to sun, besides defining a new visual relationship with the city. The heating demand is so reduced by 75%, while the lighting demand by 82%. As the new school is designed to be a nZEB, the roof hosts PV and Thermal Solar Collectors, thus harvesting 106% of the energy the school consumes.

Project Team: Federica Andreoni, Mattia Biagi, Annachiara Bonora, Valeria Lollobattista, Marco Mondello, Valerio Socciarelli