Potenza (IT)

International Competion


Type: Exhibition

Area: 4.000 mq

Status: Completed

Promoter: Cittá delle 100 scale


Project Manager: Gnomone

Photos: S. Laurenzana

             Gnomone Architettura

Favilluzza installation transforms the traditional elements of the ancient San Gerardo’s celebration, to rethink the N.A.V.E. space. Given the irregular morphology and topography, Favilluzza aims to simplify and strengthen the N.A.V.E. by leaning vertical “Fanoi” (= traditional celebrative posts) against the existing walls. The new space is compressed and recalls the “cuntane” (= typical alleyways of historical city center).


The Fanoi are Favilluzza’s matter: metal sticks to form enclosing surfaces and create open-air rooms.

During the inauguration night, some torches were positioned  on the top of the posts, to illuminate the N.A.V.E., remembering the old celebration. A new line of fire divides now the sky from the earth, lightning up the whole neighborhood.


The neighborhood community has actively helped during the construction.


Project Team: Federica Andreoni, Mattia Biagi, Annachiara Bonora, Valeria Lollobattista, Valerio Socciarelli