Ancona (IT)

Restricted International Competition

First Prize


Type: Exhibition design

Area: 350 mq

Status: Completed

Promoter: Soprintendenza Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio delle Marche – with MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts Rome and Associazione Demanio Marittimo Km278

Curated by: Carlo Birrozzi and Pippo Ciorra

Project Manager: E. Marcotullio

Photos: Marco Maria Zanin



The exhibition responds to the need to exhibit works of art in a space that is in itself already historical-artistic heritage. Considering therefore equally important the need to showcase both the works and the church itself, the exhibition is based on this dual purpose. The exhibition gives the visitor two distinct experiences, even if combined, as a single element but made of two opposite sides. A continuous wall thus establishes an interior and an external space.


The interior space is reserved for the relationship with the church. The continuous mirroring surface that surrounds it and the black floor make it an agitated, disorienting space, in which the church multiplies and reproduces itself in an unexpected and changing way. Everything is tense in observing the church and its ornamental apparatus.

The external space is instead entirely dedicated to the exhibition of the works. The installation is discreet, leaving the center of the scene to photographs and videos. The setting is ruled by the care to welcome and highlight the works in the most effective way possible: the background of the wall is white, the light adjusted ad hoc, the distance of observation well calibrated. The space defined by the setting and the perimeter of the church is quiet and relaxed. Attention focuses solely on the works.


The exhibition consists of three moments, each one corresponding to one of the three invited artists. The autonomy of each artist's work is respected and the dialogue between the works is given by the sequence of the sections and not by their mixture. To unite the whole is the exhibition, which declines, in accordance with the respective requests of the artists, the same exhibition treatment.

 The entrance is conceived through the two side doors, which introduce directly into the interior space of the exhibition, presenting with all the necessary information, both the exhibition and the church. From here a central path, aligned with the church, distributes the rooms and branches. The exhibition path offers a margin of freedom, but inevitably leads inevitably to the alternating succession between internal and external space, configuring the visit as a dual experience.

Project Team: Federica Andreoni, Mattia Biagi, Annachiara Bonora, Valerio Socciarelli