We strongly believe that the only way of doing things in this fast, elusive and competitive contemporary world is doing them together. This is why Gnomone was born: to gather ideas and resources even during our peregrinations across the globe. Founded in 2013, it has been active among Rome, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

We share a great interest in the relation between architecture and public space, which we explore through design, academic research and art.

We are Federica Andreoni, Mattia Biagi, Annachiara Bonora, Valeria Lollobattista, Marco Mondello and Valerio Socciarelli.


2017 Europan14 (Amsterdam, Netherland) / International Competition 1st prize

2017 Città delle 100 Scale Festival (Potenza, Italy) / International Competition 1st prize

2016 NIB New Italian Blood / 1st prize "Landscape"

2015 Europan13 (Warsaw, Poland) / International Competition Runner up

2014 Ombre d’Artista (Salerno, Italy) / International Competition 1st prize ex-aequo

2013 Demanio Marittimo km 278 (Senigallia, Italy) / International Competition 1st prize / BUILT


2017 5W_ Mostra Itinerante premio NIB 2016, Portogruaro (Italy)

2017 Biennale dello Spazio Pubblico - Costruire lo spazio pubblico, Rome (Italy)

2016 30<30, Tulpenmanie Gallery, Milan (Italy) [Mattia Biagi - Prima idea su sfondo rosso]

2016 Arquelogia y proyecto de arquitectura, Ciudad de México (Mexico) [Valerio Socciarelli]

2016 Europan - Laboratory of architecture, Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw (Poland)

2015 Comunità Italia, Triennale di Milano, Milan (Italy) [Marco Mondello]

2015 Europan13 - The adaptable city 2, HO|Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

2014 Ombre d’Artista, Awarded projects, Salerno (Italy)

2013 Demanio Marittimo km278, Awarded projects


2016 Europan13 Results Catalogue, Editions EUROPAN, Paris (France) here

2016 Europan - Laboratory of architecture Catalogue, Warsaw (Poland)

2015 Arqueologia y proyecto de arquitectura Catalogue, Rome (Italy) [Valerio Socciarelli - Arco di Travertino]

2014 Mappe n.3, feb. Iesi, Gagliardini Editore

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